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Site dedicated to Story of O

- storyofo.co.uk
UK artist Stefan's Story of O site. The most comprehensive and best-informed on the subject.

Text resources

A complete English translation of Story of O (Sabine d'Estrée's version) is found on the net.

To my knowledge, it was transcribed for the first time by Anabelle and published on her website (called Anabelle's Dungeon of Depravity) and then disappeared after certain time. In the meantime a few sites took this text over and now publish on their websites. Not being sure if the copyright problems (of the original and the translation) are cleared for this net publication, I prefer not to give direct links. Use this google search link to find them.

A German translation Geschite der O can be found in the same way.

Accounts on the genesis and reception of Story of O

Since Dominique Aury's The New Yorker interview in 1994 and especially since her death in 1999, a good number of articles have been published on the genesis and reception of Story of O. Here are selected articles that offer a good overview and suffer from few inaccuracies :

In English :
- The True Story of 'The Story of O' by Pauline Reage on the BBC site (dated 13th Nov. 2001)

In French :
- Net version of Jérôme Garcin's article "Livres, 1954 «Histoire d’O»", Le Nouvel Observateur (8 Aug. 2002 - n°1970)

The German readers can benefit from a accurate account in the entry "Geschichte der O" (and other related entries) in the bdsm database-encyclopaedia Papiertiger edited by Datenschlag.

Story of O lovers' pages

- http://membres.lycos.fr/fessee/accueil/hist_o/roman/roman.html
Summary of the story illustrated with photo captures of the J. Jaeckin's film; account of the genesis of the novel ; reproduction of two press articles.

- http://www.arlindo-correia.com/021202.html
Reproduction of major English and French press articles.

- http://paulmorin.free.fr/francais/sexe/histoire_do/
Contains lots of photo captures from the J. Jaeckin's film

- Agnes' Web Site (very beautiful virual artwork site) contains her personal illustrations of the first scenes of Story of O (with original French text and English translation)

Erotica and BDSM General Resources

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